Why Choose Adell Door Guards?

The paint on the edges of your vehicle’s doors can be easily damaged in the parking garage, the mall or any tight parking space. Help protect your investment and maintain your vehicle’s like-new appearance by adding Adell door edge guards! Not only do the guards blend seamlessly with your vehicle’s sleek, streamlined styling, they offer economical protection from door dings and paint chips that can occur as a result of everyday life. They can also help maintain your vehicle’s resale value.

Door edge guards add value to your vehicle that you can actually see. They help protect the vertical edges of the doors against dings and deformation when the doors are opened. Covering the most susceptible area of the vehicle’s door edge, Adell door edge guards are color-matched to your vehicle’s exterior factory paint. In contrast, most aftermarket products are typically offered in only silver or black stick-on plastic.

Formed specifically to match the precise contours of each vehicle, Adell door edge guards offer a factory fit and finish. Constructed from structural stainless steel, which is stronger than typical steel, Adell door edge guards feature a heat-reactive adhesive beneath a body color-matched thermoplastic compound (TPC). The stainless steel is completely encapsulated in the TPC so there is never any metal-to-metal contact between the guard and the door’s edge, which helps to eliminate any potential scratching of the factory paint. Because the internal stainless steel construction is stronger than typical steel, Adell door edge guards offer real-world protection against dings and paint chips. In contrast, typical aftermarket door edge products are constructed from extruded rubber, plastic, or films, providing almost no structural integrity to help ward off damage to the factory paint.

Engineered for easy installation, Adell door edge guards are custom fabricated for a perfect fit to your door edge contours. They employ a compression fit for secure retention to your vehicle’s door edges without the need for chemical adhesives or mechanical fasteners—plus, installation is quick and easy. In addition, unlike other aftermarket products, the compression fit enables our door edge guards to be removed with no consequential damage to the factory paint.

Adell door edge guards have undergone rigorous testing for temperature, weather, impact and chip resistance, as well as for resistance to cracking, fading, high-pressure washing, wind noise and peeling. Best of all, they’re 100% guaranteed.

Protect your vehicle with our door edge guards today!

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