There is no comparison to ADELL Door Edge Guards!

Typical Retail Aftermarket Door Edge Guards:

  • Do not provide the structural integrity to protect from dings or paint chip damage
  • Are made of inexpensive plastic
  • Require chemicals, glues, or adhesives to attach, which will ruin the paint
  • Will crack, fade, and peel
  • Do not always allow for proper adhesion or fit
  • Are one-size-fits-all and cannot follow the complex body contours of a vehicle’s door
  • Come in black, clear, or generic-colored plastic which can detract from the vehicle’s design

Door Edge Film offered through Dealerships or Wagon Jobbers:

  • Do not conform to the irregular contours of the door seam which creates gaps and air pockets when installed
  • Trap moisture, salt, road grime and other contaminants which quickly form a “grime line” and eventually undermine the adhesive holding the
    film to the door
  • Can yellow over time

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