How to install Adell Door Edge Guards

Below is an overview of the door guard installation process so you can see how easy it is!  

*** Please note these instructions are for reference only ***

Detailed instructions and a template for your specific car will come with your new set!


Step (1)    Identify all pieces in your kit by holding each piece up to, and comparing them with, the edge of each vehicle’s door. 

Step (2)    Open the first door and clean the edge of the door from top to bottom with isopropyl alcohol and a lint-free towel.  Pinch the wet towel between your thumb and forefinger
while running it along the length of the door’s edge in order to clean the inside and outside of the trailing edge of door.
Make several passes to ensure all wax, grease, dirt and oil has been removed.  Dry the door with a second (fresh) lint-free towel, turning the cloth repeatedly to attain a dry surface.

NOTE:  It is critical to the installation that car door edges are completely free of ALL residue.  Otherwise, the door edge guard may not engage or grip the door’s edge properly.
The door has been thoroughly cleaned if you feel resistance on the towel and you here a “squeaky-clean” sound during the drying process.  If resistance is not felt and a “squeaky-clean” sound is not heard, repeat Step (2). 

Step (3)    Cut out the door guard template provided with your kit.  Fit the notch of the template around the door handle. 
Adjust if needed to ensure it is parallel to the body line directly above the template. 
Tape the template into place using painter’s masking tape (noting that templates are reversible for use on both sides of the vehicle).  

Step (4)    Align top edge of door edge guard with lower edge of template alignment notch as shown. 
The top end can be identified by matching the profile of the door guard to the profile of the door.

Step (5)    While holding the door edge guard with one hand, use the soft side of a 12 oz rubber mallet to begin tapping the guard channel
onto the edge of the door starting about 3 inches from the top of the door edge guard.      

Step (6)    Continue tapping the door edge guard channel onto the door’s edge moving toward the top and then proceed to the bottom of the door. 
Use your other hand to steady and guide the door edge guard as you go. Once the door guard is attached, begin at the top and
 proceed tapping (using the SOFT side of your mallet) with moderate blows down the entire length of the door to ensure the door edge guard
channel is attached firmly. When finished, carefully use the FIRMER side of the mallet to VERY LIGHTLY tap down the length of the guard. 
If the door edge guard is attached correctly you should hear a solid report from tapping. 

Step (7)    Carefully close and open the door to ensure door edge guard has sufficient clearance from any adjoining body panel.  

NOTE:  Removal of some door sealant may be required on certain vehicles.  Adell has developed a special tool for executing this procedure,
and if your vehicle requires sealant removal the tool will be included free with your order.



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