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How long has Adell Group been making door edge guards for the automobile industry?

On February 1, 1952, Adell Corporation began manufacturing and supplying door edge guards as original equipment to the auto industry, both foreign and domestic.  The Adell family was the originator and prime developer of these products, starting with the bright stainless designs of the fifties and sixties and evolving over the years into today’s totally encapsulated and body-color-matched designs.  In 2019, the business transitioned to Adell Group, Inc. and is continuing to produce door guards in their 162,500 square foot manufacturing facility located near Dallas, Texas.


Where can I buy Adell door edge guards?

Adell Group proudly serves as an original equipment supplier to the auto manufacturers, so our door guards can be purchased through your local dealer.  If you are having trouble finding a specific model, feel free to email!


How are door edge guards constructed? 

Since their beginning, Adell Corporation worked with most major auto manufacturers to perfect the design and construction of door edge guards. Every door guard is constructed on a rigid base of bright, rustproof stainless steel, and lined along the entire inside surface with a securely-bonded layer of non-metallic material to prevent any metal-to-metal contact with the vehicle door.  Our newest guards are covered with a special paintable non-metallic material, then topped-off with a high grade automotive paint to exactly match the vehicle’s factory finish. All rustproof materials are used in the construction of Adell Group’s door edge guards.


What is the difference between a door edge guard and a body side molding?

The door edge guard is an accessory which protects the vertical edge of the door against dings and deformation when the door is opened. A body side molding is a horizontal part for a vehicle door that is installed by the car manufacturer as protection against dings on the side of the door. Please see the illustration to the right for an example.


Will I have to drill holes or use adhesive to keep the guards in place?

No. No screws, clamps or adhesives are required to hold the door edge guards in place; they are engineered to be completely self-retaining. When properly installed according to the instructions provided, the guards will remain in place for the life of the vehicle.


Will the door edge guard cover the entire side of the door?

No. Door Edge Guards only cover an area from about the handle of the door to the bottom of the door, which is the area that is most susceptible to damage.


How long does it take to install door edge guards?

We recommend you read the installation instructions all the way through once before starting the installation. After reading, you should be able to complete the install in approximately 30 minutes. Experienced installers can finish in less than 15 minutes.


How will I know which piece goes on what door, and where?

We recommend you identify all of the pieces in your kit before you start installing any of them, by holding each piece up to, and comparing them with, the trailing edge of the vehicle door. Front doors can be one piece for vehicles without body side moldings, or two-pieces for vehicles with body side moldings. The longer of the two pieces will go above the body side molding, and the shorter one will go below. The rear door guards will always be one-piece. If your vehicle has fender flares or body side cladding, a shorter door edge guard will be provided that goes above these. Again, you should start by comparing the pieces to your car’s doors, and you will find your answer through the process of elimination. If you still have questions, please feel free to call the phone number listed at the bottom of these FAQs.


Will removing the sealant cause any problems (like rust or paint peeling)?

No. If the door edge guards are installed according to the instructions provided, using the sealant-removal tool provided and applying the proper touch-up paint, there will be no rust or paint peeling. Tens of thousands of new vehicles are purchased annually with door edge guards installed in this same manner and no problems have been reported.


My car has a body side molding.  Can I still install door edge guards?

Yes. Having body side moldings will usually prevent the installation of a single-piece door edge guard, but that is why we provide two-piece front door edge guards!!  Should you determine, however, that there is sufficient room to install full-length guards, call us at the number below and we may be able to provide a one-piece front door section for your application.

Will frequent washing or polishing damage the guard’s surface?

No. Adell Group’s door edge guards should last as long as you have your vehicle. Since Adell Group’s door edge guards were developed as original equipment for many domestic and foreign automobiles, they have been submitted to and passed vigorous chemical and detergent tests, as well as tests related to impact, heat, cold, sunlight, and other environmental-related exposures.


If I install door edge guards on my new car, will it affect the car’s warranty in any way?

No, your new car warranty will not be affected by the installation of door edge guards. 


Is there a phone number where I can get help if I have trouble installing my door guards?

Yes, we encourage all customers to call 972-226-4600 with any questions about the installation or care of our door edge guards.




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